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katie + tom : 2008.12.13

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So here it is, the last wedding blog post of 2008. Katie and Tommy’s wedding put the finishing touches on a a wedding season that totaled 70 weddings, yeah 70, that’s a lot of white dresses! (I will talk more about this year later, this post is about Tom and Katie)

When we got to the Rye Town Hilton yesterday morning Katie was not done with makeup yet so Dave (oh moving pictures did the video) and I went to find the groom. When we got there Tom was dressed and ready to go. I looked out the window of his balcony and there it was the coolest rock with sun blasting it. What a perfect place for a photo. I referred to it as the Last of the Mohicans shot, your going to be able to pick it right out! Back to the bride, Katie informed me that she hates hotel rooms for wedding photos so we snapped a couple of her getting ready and out we went. I was in search of another spectacular rock but with the shoes Katie was wearing that was impossible. So I found a cool path with some nice landscape and perfect light. After making the girls freeze there asses off we were off to church.

After I rushed all of the guest past the receiving line we hurried off to playland for some photos before the sunset. Honestly it was 20 degrees. I kept asking Katie to tell me when she has met her limit, apparently Katie has no limit!!!! We got some of my favorite Playand photos of all time. The sun was in a perfect spot and the Playand boardwalk was empty. I’m really thrilled with the results and would love to post all of them but that nuts. So if your interested go back to my website and click on the client login. The passowrd for this gallery is jones. Check them out, I would love to here your thought, right her POST A COMMENT : )









Dave set this next shot up, I guess I can let him set more next year! : )





Don’t forget to see all of them go to the client login section of my site the password for katie and tom is jones.


Written by Ricky Restiano

December 14, 2008 at 10:06 am

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