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All good thing must come to an end…

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…well sorta.

This is the old blog following the incredibly exciting career : ) of ricky restiano. If you subscribe to this blog please update the rss feed with the information from the new blog that you can see HERE. So yeah, I’ll see you over there!



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January 4, 2009 at 7:50 pm

katie + tom : 2008.12.13

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So here it is, the last wedding blog post of 2008. Katie and Tommy’s wedding put the finishing touches on a a wedding season that totaled 70 weddings, yeah 70, that’s a lot of white dresses! (I will talk more about this year later, this post is about Tom and Katie)

When we got to the Rye Town Hilton yesterday morning Katie was not done with makeup yet so Dave (oh moving pictures did the video) and I went to find the groom. When we got there Tom was dressed and ready to go. I looked out the window of his balcony and there it was the coolest rock with sun blasting it. What a perfect place for a photo. I referred to it as the Last of the Mohicans shot, your going to be able to pick it right out! Back to the bride, Katie informed me that she hates hotel rooms for wedding photos so we snapped a couple of her getting ready and out we went. I was in search of another spectacular rock but with the shoes Katie was wearing that was impossible. So I found a cool path with some nice landscape and perfect light. After making the girls freeze there asses off we were off to church.

After I rushed all of the guest past the receiving line we hurried off to playland for some photos before the sunset. Honestly it was 20 degrees. I kept asking Katie to tell me when she has met her limit, apparently Katie has no limit!!!! We got some of my favorite Playand photos of all time. The sun was in a perfect spot and the Playand boardwalk was empty. I’m really thrilled with the results and would love to post all of them but that nuts. So if your interested go back to my website and click on the client login. The passowrd for this gallery is jones. Check them out, I would love to here your thought, right her POST A COMMENT : )









Dave set this next shot up, I guess I can let him set more next year! : )





Don’t forget to see all of them go to the client login section of my site the password for katie and tom is jones.

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December 14, 2008 at 10:06 am

lisa + steven : 2008.11.29

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Another blog post from a wedding. Grandview in Poughkeepsie I didn’t need to guess the password though, free internet, that’s nice!

Lisa and Steve were a little nervous that the whole daylight savings thing would screw up the time for outdoor photos. No Problem we bumped the settings on our cameras and used a video light, the result AWESOME, seriously awesome photos. I’m so excited to show these. We are way up state and the backgrounds are so different from what we are used to in Westchester. Check out the old house we found. Ronnie and I are having a blast. woo hoo!












Are you kidding me, I love this photo seriously love this!!

Are you kidding me, I love this photo seriously love this!!

God I love my job : )

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November 29, 2008 at 9:58 pm

diana + salvatore : 2008.11.22

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22 degrees, that was the temperature when Ronnie, Jason and I got into the car this morning. I have to give Diana more than your normal amount of praise for sticking it out and doing the photos outside. I had on two shirts a sweater a hoodie and a wool jacket oh gloves and a hat. Diana had on a wedding gown! Nobody said getting sick photos was going to easy. : )

It might have been insanely cold but the the light was like I’ve never seen at Untermeyer. (Something had to go our way today!!) I’m going to post more photos than normal simply because we had to work so hard to get them. Enjoy these next few post their is only two more weddings to go before I hibernate for the winter!


One of Jasons shots, your all going to love Jason, he’s awesome

One of Jasons shots, your all going to love Jason, he's freakin awesome.


Jason again

Jason again



I told you the light was perfect

I told you the light was perfect




Oh, I fogort to mention that we worked with moving pictures and Silverstar Limo two of my favorite companies to work with.

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November 23, 2008 at 12:42 am

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natasha + marco : 2008.11.9

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This is by far the easiest blog post ever!

Natasha, a self proclaimed blog stalker, wanted to do anything she could to get on the blog! We briefly talked about a shower scene (fully clothed of course) and decided that, even that might be a little much, yeah even for me! Although a bride dressed in the shower might never have been done before, we didn’t need to go to that extreme.  

Natasha, you and Marco are so much fun to be around, so the cool photos came easily. The pictures are stunning and I cant wait to show you all of them. Hopefully this post and your preview gallery will fulfill you until we edit all of them.  Ronnie and I had so much fun today, enjoy your trip call me when you get back. 








And here is Ronnie’s contribution, quite possibly the best photo he has ever taken. Oh, from 12 feet up in the air I might add. (he climbed the giant pine tree I didn’t want to)  : )


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November 9, 2008 at 8:16 pm

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jeanne and ed : post wedding

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Lately I’ve been posting lots of different stuff. Grooms hanging themselves, bridesmaids on walls, so I figured it was time to remind everyone that I can and will take normal pictures!! 

Jeanne and Ed were married back in September we were going to take engagement pictures before the wedding but with my wedding schedule we could not nail down a date! So Jeanne suggested post-wedding-engagement-pictures : ) I love it. 

Here are some of my favorites.


Love jeanne expression in this. Nice background too!

Love Jeanne's expression in this. Nice background too!


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November 5, 2008 at 3:24 pm

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bettina + anthony : 2008.11.1

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As promised here is the conclusion to the week of Anthony and Bettina! If you remember we snuck an engagement session in last week at the Brooklyn Bridge. I was so excited to see so many old friends and clients at this wedding I almost forgot that I was hired to photograph it!

The photos were scheduled to take place in the meat packing district of NYC. (I feel like I’ve been there a lot this year) With the day slowly sneaking away from us we all started to get nervous that we were not going to make it before sunset, but Mario Jr from Silver Star assured me that he knew a way to get us there on time, he delivered!! We got to the city with tons of time for photos. I somehow convinced the girls to stand on a wall under this huge billboard. (these girls were awesome!) Anyway I was so happy to be part of this day, its people like Bettina and all her friends that make this job so rewarding, oh and Anthony’s not so bad either!!!

Dave (moving pictures) did a wedding day edit with some awesome shots from the brooklyn bridge!

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November 3, 2008 at 1:13 pm

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